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Name: Chen Yong
Position: Deputy General Manager
Know-how and Skills:
experienced in market development and
familiar with the domestic electronics market, excellent communication and negotiation skills, a wealth of experience in customer development and maintenance, price negotiation, quality problem solving, etc.

Name: Zhao Qixiang
Position: Deputy General Manager
Know-how and Skills:
a wealth of managerial experience in large foreign companies , PCB raw materials procurement and supply chain management; with unique administrative services management methods; familiar with IPO operation; good communication and coordination ability.

Name: Zhu Guoqiang
Position: Director of Finance Center
Know-how and Skill:
many years of financial management experience in large enterprises; familiar with national tax laws and regulations, financial analysis, financial cost management and ERP process control; understanding of listed company's financial management processes and related regulations.

Name: Hu Shuzhen
Position: Deputy General Manager
Know-how and Skill:
familiar with PCB market operation management; plenty of experience in market development, price negotiation, production process control, customer maintenance and after-sales service; acquainted with HK and Taiwan electronics market; excellent communication and negotiation skill, along with good coordination ability.

Name: Zhou Dingzhong
Position: General Manager of MLB Business Unit
Know-how and Skill:
working in PCB industry for many years, with excellent leadership; expert at the management of production,quality, target, process and performance; with effective mathod of team execution and production efficiency improvement.

Name: Xiong Houyou
Position: General Manager Assistant
Know-how and Skill:
a wealth of experience in the PCB industry and quite familiar with PCB production process and quality control; with comprehensive operation management experience, e.g. six modules of HR management, administrative management, supply chain management and logistics management; familiar with material procurement and cost control.

Name: Zhang Ruping
Position: Director of Admin. Managemen Center
Know-how and Skill:
woking experience in Propaganda Dept. of Party Organization; over 20 years' management experience in large state-owned enterprise; experienced in administrative and logistics management and human resources; having a solid writing skill; good at copywriting and skilled in promotion of corporate culture construction projects; advocating human-based management and cultural management

Name: Li Jiayu
Position: Engineering Director
Know-how and Skill:
work experience in large foreign company; familiar with the design and process control of HDI products; quite experienced in the design and yield improvement of high-order PCBs (servers and over-ten-layer card boards); good communicator and coordinator.

Name: Wang Jiandong
Position: Business Director
Know-how and Skill:
around-ten-year marketing and management experience in PCB industry and familiar with domestic, Southeast Asian, Euramerican and other markets; excel in maintaining the relationships between the first-tier manufacturers and expanding market; capable of generating business strategies and promoting the order optimization.

Name: Yang Liang
Position: Business Director
Know-how and Skill:
working in large foreign enterprises for many years; around ten-year marketing and quality management experience in PCB industry and familiar with domestic and overseas electronic marke; well-experienced in developing and maintaining international first well-known customers; proficient in market development, business negotiation and sales team building and with wonderful leadership; able to position and integrate PCB market accurately.

Name: Liu Hongjun
Position: QC Director
Know-how and Skill:
many years' working experience in large foreign PCB company and familiar with PCB manufacturing process; specializing in quality management; proficient in the quality control of MLB, HDI board, FPCB and R&F PCB; excel in the use of QC tools; experienced in the improvement of product yeild.

Name: Yang Hongyan
Position: CPO
Know-how and Skill:
around ten-year working experience in PCB industry; served as production and quality supervisor and familiar with full PCB process and equipment; adept in supplier management and business negotiation; with strong execution force and excellent team management capability.

Name: Zhang Jianzhong
Position: Deputy Director of Equipment Engineering Dept.
Know-how and Skills:
around 10 years' plant maintenance and managerial experience in large PCB manufacturing companies; adept at the planning and construction of PCB factory and the optimization of equipment; experienced in promoting TPM management with good communication, coordination and organization ability.

Name: Shi Shikun
Position: R & D Director
Know-how and Skills:
10 years of experience in the PCB industry, has a wealth of engineering, technology, R & D management experience. Depth research in electroplating, surface treatment, special Goldfinger production. Good at using a variety of industry resources, specializes in technology research and development and technological achievements. Apply more than 10 patents, published many articles.

Name: Zhang Xingwang
Position: PMC Director
Know-how and Skill:
with many years' experience in PCB manufacturing and planning management; excel in PCB process control and product delivery management; excellent planning and coordination ability.

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